Detailed schedule

July 21

The registration desk will be open at the following times:

08:30 - 09:00

13:30 - 14:00

16:00 - 16:30

18:30 - 18:45

8:30-9:00: Registration

9:00-10:00: Doctoral Consortium

Malte Helmert. Heuristics for Being a Researcher

Chair: Andrea Micheli

10:00-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-12:30: Doctoral Consortium (DC)

Chair: Pavel Surynek

12:30-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-15:00: Masterclass I

Nir Lipovetzky. Width-Based Planning: Searching for Novelty

Chair: Alessandro Saetti

15:00-16:00: Masterclass II

Ariel Felner. Recent Progress in Bidirectional Search

Chair: Lukas Chrpa

16:00-16:30: Coffee break

16:30-17:30: Masterclass III

Wheeler Ruml. Suboptimal Heuristic Search

Chair: Alessandro Saetti

17:30-18:30: Masterclass IV

Richard Korf. The Elements of Search Algorithms (remote)

Chair: Lukas Chrpa

18:30-18:45: Opening Ceremony

19:00-21:30: DC Poster session *

*During the poster session will be served a dinner buffet

July 22

8:30-9:00: Registration

9:00-10:00: Invited speaker

Giuseppe De Giacomo. Resilience in Planning and Synthesis

Chair: Alessandro Saetti

10:00-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-12:00: Session 1 - Heuristic search

Chair: Gabriele Roeger

Silvan Sievers, Daniel Gnad and Álvaro Torralba. Additive Pattern Databases for Decoupled Search

Shuwa Miura, Kyle Hollins Wray and Shlomo Zilberstein. Heuristic Search for SSPs with Lexicographic Preferences over Multiple Costs

Shohin Mukherjee, Sandip Aine and Maxim Likhachev. ePA*SE: Edge-based Parallel A* for Slow Evaluations

Zhongqiang Ren, Richard Zhan, Sivakumar Rathinam, Maxim Likhachev and Howie Choset. Enhanced Multi-Objective A* Using Balanced Binary Search Trees (remote)

Shawn Skyler, Dor Atzmon, Ariel Felner, Oren Salzman, Han Zhang, Sven Koenig, William Yeoh and Carlos Hernandez Ulloa. Bounded Cost Bi-Objective Heuristic Search (short)

12:00-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-15:40: Session 2 - Search and Path finding

Chair: William Yeoh

Eli Boyarski, Shao-Hung Chan, Dor Atzmon, Ariel Felner and Sven Koenig. On Merging Agents In Multi-Agent Pathfinding Algorithms

Jonathan Morag, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Dor Atzmon and Eli Boyarski. Online Multi-Agent Path Finding: New Results (short)

Alexandru Paul Tabacaru, Dor Atzmon and Ariel Felner. Meeting at the Border of Two Separate Domains (short)

Vadim Bulitko, Shuwei Wang, Justin Stevens and Levi Lelis. Portability and Explainability of Synthesized Formula-based Heuristics

Chao Gao, Jingwei Chen, Tong Mo, Tanvir Sajed, Shangling Jui, Min Qin, Laiyuan Gong and Wei Lu. A Memory-Bounded Best-First Beam Search and Its Application to Scheduling Halide Programs (remote)

Han Zhang, Oren Salzman, T. K. Satish Kumar, Ariel Felner, Carlos Hernández Ulloa and Sven Koenig. Anytime Approximate Bi-Objective Search (remote)

15:40-16:10: Coffee break

16:10-17:40: Session 3 - Heuristics and Learning

Chair: Jendrik Seipp

John Peterson, Anagha Kulkarni, Emil Keyder, Joseph Kim and Shlomo Zilberstein. Trajectory Constraint Heuristics for Optimal Probabilistic Planning

Aaron Li, Ruimin Chen, Borislav Mavrin, Nathan Sturtevant, Doron Nadav and Ariel Felner. Optimal Search with Neural Networks: Challenges and Approaches

Daniel Heller, Patrick Ferber, Julian Bitterwolf, Matthias Hein and Jörg Hoffmann. Neural Network Heuristic Functions: Taking Confidence into Account (short)

Shuyang Zhang, Jiaoyang Li, Taoan Huang, Sven Koenig and Bistra Dilkina. Learning a Priority Ordering for Prioritized Planning in Multi-Agent Path Finding (remote)

Zhaoxing Bu and Richard Korf. Iterative-Deepening Uniform-Cost Heuristic Search (remote)

17:45-19:15: Poster session

Vianney Coppé and Pierre Schaus. A Conflict Avoidance Table for Continuous Conflict-Based Search

Elad Levy, Guy Shani and Roni Stern. An Online Approach for Multi-Agent Path Finding Under Movement Uncertainty

Adil Chhabra, Marcelo Fonseca Faraj and Christian Schulz. Local Motif Clustering via (Hyper)Graph Partitioning

Nikhil Chandak, Kenny Chour, Sivakumar Rathinam and R. Ravi. Informed Steiner Trees: Sampling and Pruning for Multi-Goal Path Finding in High Dimensions

Francesco Percassi, Enrico Scala and Mauro Vallati. On the Reformulation of Discretised PDDL+ to Numeric Planning

Nikolaus Frohner, Jan Gmys, Nouredine Melab, Guenther Raidl and El-Ghazali Talbi. Parallel Beam Search for Combinatorial Optimization

Yaakov Livne, Dor Atzmon, Shawn Skyler, Eli Boyarski, Amir Shapiro and Ariel Felner. Optimally Solving the Multiple Watchman Route Problem with Heuristic Search

Zuzana Fílová and Pavel Surynek. Lazy Compilation in Classical Planning

Jiří Švancara, Philipp Obermeier, Matej Husár, Roman Barták and Torsten Schaub. Multi-agent Pathfinding on Large Maps Using Graph Pruning: This Way or That Way?

Devin Thomas, Tianyi Gu, Wheeler Ruml and Solomon Eyal Shimony. Situated Grid Pathfinding Among Moving Obstacles

Richard Korf. A Jeep Crossing a Desert of Unknown Width: Extended Abstract (remote)

Matias Greco, Jorge Toro, Carlos Hernandez and Jorge A. Baier. K-Focal Search for Slow Learned Heuristics

Matias Greco, Pablo Araneda and Jorge A. Baier. Focal Discrepancy Search for Learned Heuristics

Pavel Surynek. Sparse Decision Diagrams for SAT-based Compilation of Multi-Agent Path Finding

Sumedh Pendurkar, Taoan Huang, Sven Koenig and Guni Sharon. A Discussion on the Scalability of Heuristic Approximators (remote)

Ryan Hechenberger, Peter J. Stuckey, Pierre Le Bodic and Daniel Harabor. Dual Euclidean Shortest Path Search

Rishi Veerapaneni, Tushar Kusnur and Maxim Likhachev. Effectively Incorporating Weighted Cost-to-go Heuristic in Suboptimal CBS (remote)

Ali Davoodi, Mark Wallace and Daniel Harabor. Fast traffic assignment by focussing on changing edge flows

Kristýna Janovská and Pavel Surynek. Combining Conflict-based Search and Agent-based Modeling for Evacuation Problem

Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Nir Lipovetzky, Francesco Percassi, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina. On the use of Width-based search for Multi Agent Privacy-preserving Planning

Irene Hiess, Ludwig Kampel, Michael Wagner and Dimitris E. Simos. IPO-MAXSAT: Combining the In-Parameter-Order Strategy for Covering Array Generation with MaxSAT solving

Franc Ivankovic, Mauro Vallati, Lukas Chrpa and Marco Roveri. Urban Traffic Control via Planning with Global State Constraints

Andrew Murray, Michael Cashmore, Ashwin Arulselvan and Jeremy Frank. Joint Chance Constrained Probabilistic Simple Temporal Networks via Column Generation

Stefan O'Toole, Miquel Ramirez, Nir Lipovetzky and Adrian Pearce. Sampling from Pre-Images to Learn Heuristic Functions for Classical Planning

David Zahradka, Anton Andreychuk, Miroslav Kulich and Konstantin Yakovlev. Lower and Upper Bounds for Multi-Agent Multi-Item Pickup and Delivery: When a Decoupled Approach is Good Enough

Christopher Leet, Jiaoyang Li and Sven Koenig. Shard Systems: Scalable, Robust and Persistent Multi-Agent Path Finding with Performance Guarantees

Jorge A. Baier, Nicolás Rivera and Carlos Hernández Ulloa. Subset Approximation of Pareto Regions with Bi-Objective A*

20:00-22:00: Social dinner

July 23

9:00-10:00: Invited speaker

Ronen Brafman. Factored Planning: From Classical Planning to Dec-POMDPs

Chair: Lukas Chrpa

10:00-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-12:00: Session 4 - Path finding I

Chair: Vadim Bulitko

Thomas Nobes, Daniel Harabor, Michael Wybrow and Stuart Walsh. The JPS Pathfinding System in 3D

Gal Dahan, Itay Tabib, Solomon Eyal Shimony and Ariel Felner. Generalized Longest Path Problems

Daniel Harabor, Ryan Hechenberger and Thomas Jahn. Benchmarks for Pathfinding Search: Iron Harvest (short)

Manash Pratim Das, Damon M Conover, Sungmin Eum, Heesung Kwon and Maxim Likhachev. MA3: Model-Accuracy Aware Anytime Planning with Simulation Verification for Navigating Complex Terrains

Saman Ahmadi, Guido Tack, Daniel Harabor and Philip Kilby. Weight Constrained Path Finding with Bidirectional A* (remote)

12:00-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-15:40: Session 5 - Planning

Chair: Mauro Vallati

Michael Katz, Gabriele Röger and Malte Helmert. On Producing Shortest Cost-Optimal Plans

Javier Segovia-Aguas, Sergio Jimenez Celorrio, Laura Sebastiá and Anders Jonsson. Scaling-up Generalized Planning as Heuristic Search with Landmarks

Kilian Hu and David Speck. On Bidirectional Heuristic Search in Classical Planning: An Analysis of BAE*

Lukas Chrpa, Pavel Rytir, Andrii Nyporko, Rostislav Horcik and Stefan Edelkamp. Effective Planning in Resource-Competition Problems by Task Decomposition

Tianyi Gu, Wheeler Ruml, Shahaf Shperberg, Solomon Eyal Shimony and Erez Karpas. When to Commit to an Action in Online Planning and Search

15:40-16:10: Coffee break

16:10-17:30: Session 6 - Path Finding II

Chair: Roman Bartak

Claudius Proissl. Light Contraction Hierarchies: Hierarchical Search Without Shortcuts (short)

Zhe Chen, Jiaoyang Li, Daniel Harabor, Peter Stuckey and Sven Koenig. Multi-Train Path Finding Revisited

Nitzan Madar, Kiril Solovey and Oren Salzman. Leveraging Experience in Lifelong Multi-Agent Pathfinding

Sumanth Varambally, Jiaoyang Li and Sven Koenig. Which MAPF Model Works Best for Automated Warehousing? (remote)

Han Zhang, Yutong Li, Jiaoyang Li, T. K. Satish Kumar and Sven Koenig. Mutex Propagation in Multi-Agent Path Finding for Large Agents (short, remote)

17:30-17:45: The Incoming Grid-based Path Planning Competition

17:45-18:00: Coffee break

18:00-19:00: Awards Ceremony + Community Meeting + Closing